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Digital wellness and adept use of technology are some of the most urgent issues of our modern age.

“Hi! I’m Irene. I founded The Digital Life Academy to help people establish intentional, healthy relationships with technology and achieve digital wellness.

I developed strategies for becoming digitally well and organized during my years as a digital marketing and social media agency owner. Back then, I was constantly overwhelmed by technology and struggled to manage my time, workload, and emotional health.

Everything changed when I created simple systems to declutter and organize my digital life and balance use of digital-social-mobile tools. I reclaimed time, productivity, and peace of mind; it was amazing! When my approaches proved to be manageable and lasting, I knew I had to share them.

The information and insights I bring to my keynote presentations (and break-out sessions) are relevant and applicable for people in every industry, workplace, learning institution, and household.  We all need the essential soft skills to effectively use digital-social-mobile technology for success. We all need digital wellness for overall mental health.”

“I Have 834 Unread Emails. How Can I Be Future-Ready?”

Technology is everywhere, and touches nearly every aspect of daily life at work, at home, in the community. Studies reveal use of smartphones and participation in social media can detract IQ points, reduce attention spans, lead to anxiety and mental health issues, and block productivity and time spent in deep work and creative flow.

However, there are real-life, evidence-based ways to keep the tech in check, regain emotional wellness, and use digital-social-mobile tools to succeed.

Your conference audience needs the insights and strategies that Irene is ready to share!

custom keynotes  |   empowering workshops and sessions

Captivating, customized⏤Irene’s presentations are tailored to engage, inform, and inspire your audiences.

Though the topics of digital wellness and digital soft skills are relevant for everyone, Irene understands each audience is completely unique. She customizes her keynotes and break-out sessions to meaningfully connect with attendees’ specific perspectives, challenges, and interests.

With content tailored to really ‘click,’ Irene imparts knowledge and practical know-how for your event attendees.

  • Moderate social media use.
  • Use smartphones as helpful tools.
  • Create manageable organization systems.
  • Free up time and brain power for deep work.
  • Balance off- and online relationships.
  • Prioritize emotional well-being.
  • Set healthy boundaries.
  • Be future-ready to use tech for success.

Learn more about Irene on her LinkedIn profile, here.

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informative & entertaining

What audiences are saying

Event attendees appreciate Irene’s candor, humor, and intelligent insights.

“Plethora of information, hand cramp! Worth the time!”

“Very helpful info I can really use in my business.”

“Well presented and relevant”

“You have a great, friendly personality and are very knowledgeable”

“Great ⏤ good content”

“The presentation was very beneficial!”

“What I expected was to get some tips and tricks on how to organize your emails. What I got was much more…”

“Irene is the total package…a gifted communicator.”

workshops and breakout sessions

What does your audience need? There’s a session for that!

All aspects of digital life are connected. That’s why Irene supports her keynotes with breakout sessions that dive into more practical training and detail. From email and digital file organization to social media use and remote work, these workshops are tailored to give your attendees take-away strategies they can use right away. What an amazing added value for your event!

The Digital Life Academy teaches email management skills

Email Management

Keep inboxes cleaned out and organized. Easily find your archives. Write more effective messages. Subscribe only to what you really want to read.

The Digital Life Academy teaches how to manage texting and chat app use

Texting & Chat Apps

Stay in touch while also staying in flow. Moderate messaging to minimize disruption. Communicate more efficiently and clearly.

The Digital Life Academy teaches digital file organization and access management

Digital File Organization

Declutter your files. Create simple, sustainable systems for easy organization.  Access the files you need for work and life⏤wherever you are.

The Digital Life Academy teaches smartphone photo storage and organization

Phone Photo Organization

Manage phone photos and videos so you can find and enjoy the media you capture. Always have storage space on your devices.

The ultimate goal of The Digital Life Academy is to help you achieve focus and flow

Focus & Flow

Achieve mastery in digital organization and digital wellness. Get “in the zone,” reconnect with your creativity, and accomplish more in less time.

The Digital Life Academy offers guidance for working from home

Remote Work

Establish practices and boundaries to make virtual meetings and working from home (or anywhere) productive, manageable, and more balanced.

The Digital Life Academy teaches how to overcome social media addiction

Social Media Use

Stay connected on your terms for personal life and business. Share and engage in healthy ways. Participate mindfully for time well spent.

The Digital Life Academy offers practical strategies for getting the news without overwhelm

News Consumption

Consume the news without allowing the news to consume you. Create standards for staying informed that prioritize your peace of mind.

The Digital Life Academy offers guidance to overcome online shopping and streaming habits

Online Shopping & Streaming

Shop, browse, and stream only in beneficial ways and at times that support your goals. Moderate online activities to support your balanced, purposeful life.

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