Digital Life Skills

Educate and equip young people to be digitally aware and digitally well.


Hello parents, guardians, educators, and youth leaders who want the best for your families and students!
You want the very best for the young people in your care, and you strive to offer excellent guidance for their safety, well-being, and success. That’s why you need resources to help them moderate their use of digital-social-mobile tools and technology.

The essential place to start? Being sure you have a healthy relationship with technology! It’s very challenging to guide others when you don’t have a handle on your own digital life skills.

Our resources for families and organizations offer practical guidance and simple-to-apply strategies, all backed by neuroscience and psychology. The combination of accessible approaches and evidence-based knowledge empowers young people to make permanent improvements in their use of digital-social-mobile tools and relationships with technology.


Why do families need this education?

Though you often hear about young people’s tech-related anxiety, shortened attention spans, and addiction to social media, digital devices, and gaming, you likely don’t receive practical solutions to address and overcome these issues in equal measure. That’s why we’re here! We offer practical strategies based in neuroscience and psychology to empower young people (and the adults who care about them!) use technology in moderated, healthy ways for success in education and personal enjoyment.

FACTS (The tough stuff you already know)

  • Youth anxiety levels are at all time highs.
  • Smartphone use can affect IQ points.
  • Attention span has decreased.
  • Social networks and apps are addictive.


  • Teach young people about their brains!
    We offer a simple, fun “quick start guide for the brain” that they’ll benefit from in all aspects of daily life.
  • Empower young people to lead and decide for themselves!
    We impart techniques for deciding in advance, setting boundaries, and holding to the self-selected parameters.
  • Introduce practical, sustainable approaches.
    We present easy strategies for managing tech, connecting with others, and staying organized⏤digital life skills
  • Educate students to be future-ready.
    We put tech in context so young people have a real-life understanding of what’s coming so they can be prepared.
  • Moderate social media use.
  • Use smartphones as helpful tools.
  • Create manageable systems.
  • Free up time and mental capacity.
  • Balance off- and online relationships.
  • Prioritize emotional well-being.
  • Set healthy boundaries.

life-improving results

What participants are saying

The feedback is in! The Digital Life Academy is helping improve people’s everyday lives.

“This course helped me… I now feel much less overwhelmed and more in control of this previously cluttered and disorganized part of my life.”

I took the class and it was super helpful. I am pretty good keeping my email organized but she definitely gave us some good tips and was very knowledgeable about it! I think this class was very beneficial for everyone!”

The training was good…very thorough. I’ve been doing decluttering and setting rules for my emails. I felt the training was very informational.”

“After completing the modules of this course I feel confident and less overwhelmed about staying organized. I enjoyed learning the strategies to declutter my digital life.”

“What I expected was to get some tips and tricks on how to organize your emails. What I got was much more than that. I think the overall training helped me to plan in advance to keep from being overwhelmed later.”

Comprehensive Training

We Cover It All.
You Pick What Students Need.

All aspects of digital life are connected, but there are often key pain points to address first. We offer trainings in on-demand sessions so that you can prioritize and customize the learning process. Register for the full program, watch the foundational trainings, and then go in the order that is most helpful for your specific needs, or select only the modules you need.
No matter what, just get started today!

The Digital Life Academy teaches email management skills

Email Management

Keep inboxes cleaned out and organized. Easily find your archives. Write more effective messages. Subscribe only to what you really want to read.

The Digital Life Academy teaches how to manage texting and chat app use

Texting & Chat Apps

Stay in touch while also staying in flow. Moderate messaging to minimize disruption. Communicate more efficiently and clearly.

The Digital Life Academy teaches digital file organization and access management

Digital File Organization

Declutter your files. Create simple, sustainable systems for easy organization.  Access the files you need for work and life⏤wherever you are.

The Digital Life Academy teaches smartphone photo storage and organization

Phone Photo Organization

Manage phone photos and videos so you can find and enjoy the media you capture. Always have storage space on your devices.

The ultimate goal of The Digital Life Academy is to help you achieve focus and flow

Focus & Flow

Achieve mastery in digital organization and digital wellness. Get “in the zone,” reconnect with your creativity, and accomplish more in less time.

The Digital Life Academy offers guidance for working from home

Remote Work

Establish practices and boundaries to make virtual meetings and working from home (or anywhere) productive, manageable, and more balanced.

The Digital Life Academy teaches how to overcome social media addiction

Social Media Use

Stay connected on your terms for personal life and business. Share and engage in healthy ways. Participate mindfully for time well spent.

The Digital Life Academy offers practical strategies for getting the news without overwhelm

News Consumption

Consume the news without allowing the news to consume you. Create standards for staying informed that prioritize your peace of mind.

The Digital Life Academy offers guidance to overcome online shopping and streaming habits

Online Shopping & Streaming

Shop, browse, and stream only in beneficial ways and at times that support your goals. Moderate online activities to support your balanced, purposeful life.

If you’re looking for hacks and apps to manage your family’s digital life, this course is not for you. However, if you want to get to the heart…and mind…of the matter to help you and your children establish measured, intentional digital life practices and be digitally well, then you’re in the right place.

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